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Storm Astrum Defense Hack: A lot of money. Jouez Maintenant!
Tank Defense Hack: Infinite Money and Health. Jouez Maintenant!
Space Thieves Hack: Money - All sheep can be taken and you won't loose, game will continue! -- NOTE: If you don't see "Hacked by Dave Petty" under the game, refresh or reload the page until you do or the hacks won't work! Jouez Maintenant!
Final Defense Hack: Unlimited health, Unlimited power, 999 mines, shock waves, and bombs, Upgrades cost nothing Jouez Maintenant!
Elona Shooting Hack: All Classes enabled - 9999 ammo for all guns - and grenades - All guns automatics - 999999 wall health - 99999999 Cash and AP Jouez Maintenant!
Deep Hack: Infinite Health and everything in the shop is free. Jouez Maintenant!
Shellcore Command Hack: Credits, and Power .. Hack doesn't start until after the tutorial, you can skip the tutorial if you want ! Adding health hack would have totally ruined the game play ! Jouez Maintenant!
Ratminator The Mice Menace Hack: Infinite Cash and Health Jouez Maintenant!
Crop Defenders Hack: Lots of cash and all enemies are slower and don't do any damage----Note: Right click -> Play after you click Continue Jouez Maintenant!
The BoomLands Hack: Quick money gain for you only - All Crowns, Castles, Levels, and unit items unlocked except the 2 custom units because it locks up the game. See Note Below! Jouez Maintenant!
Tiger of Mysore Hack: Money Hack Jouez Maintenant!
RSTD 2 Hack: Money, lives, 3 minutes to set up towers Jouez Maintenant!
Aliens Must Die Hack: Infinite Health,power bar hacked,starting shield last longer Jouez Maintenant!
Shape Invasion Hack: Money hack,increased life (not infinite),most of the upgrades cost $1 Jouez Maintenant!
Crazy Castle Hack: 9999999 Gold and Maximum Ammo for all weapons. Jouez Maintenant!
Medieval Defense Hack: Castle and wizard health hack,infinite gold and ammo Jouez Maintenant!
Defend your Mom Hack: Infinite Bullets and $10.000 instead if $100 Starting-Cash Jouez Maintenant!
Marksman Defense Hack: 5 Million Gold, 5 Million Health and 100 Power Jouez Maintenant!
rS Tower Defence VER3 Hack: Unlimited money Unlimited lives Jouez Maintenant!
Goblin Defense 2 Hack: Money Hack Jouez Maintenant!
Incubus Pulsum Hack: Health hack Jouez Maintenant!
Cloud to Ground Guardian Hack: Health for the 3 ground soldiers - Chaos mode unlocked - NOTE: You can still be shot out of the sky, but you have plenty of time to kill them first! Jouez Maintenant!
Mercenary of War Hack: Health - Cash - All Weapons unlocked with Infinite Ammo Jouez Maintenant!
Kung Fu Special Trainer Hack: Lives, Didn't Do Time Otherwise You Would Be Stuck On Round 1 Forever Jouez Maintenant!
Timmy the Caveman Hack: Health and money (bananas) hack. Jouez Maintenant!
Nibasho Hack: All purchases add cash, no health hack but you can purchase as much health as you want. Jouez Maintenant!
Armed Invasion Hack: Money, Ammo and Score. Jouez Maintenant!
Big Tree Defense Hack: All levels unlocked - Start with 100 points - All weapons and upgrades only 1 point - Tree trunk and limb upgrades are free - Tree repair is free - Sell any weapon from the tree for a huge amount of water ! Jouez Maintenant!
Kingdom Keeper Hack: Money, Points (Stat and Ability) Jouez Maintenant!
Mobster Defense Hack: Gold and lives hack,more damage,all skills maxed Jouez Maintenant!
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